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Britsamurai3 months ago

Jesus is Zeus, why? Because modern religion is just de-evolved mythology. The Bible is not historical its based on allegory, that is why it contains so many contradictions and strange messages, its all about astrological events but in code. So, the Bible is just an extension of mythology except the characters are hidden, they used to be known by ancient man as Planets and not people. Now we get to why Zeus is Jesus, if you do your research you will find almost all modern religions worship Saturn who is EL from the old testament or Allah and thousand other names including Satan, but Saturn is worshiped and communicated through a black cube. Its explained in detail in astrotheology, but basically Saturn astrologically rules over the Winter Solstice, the darkest, coldest and life restricting time of Year, it is the Opposer to Jesus or the Planet who rules over Summer Solstice, the lightest, warmest and most life giving time of year.....its Jupiter, otherwise know as Zeus.

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quan jimmy2 months ago

Britsamurai But what about Caelus dude? He is the True True.



Britsamurai2 months ago (edited)

So Jesus isnt just Jupiter or Zeus, he is a blend of the Sun(Ra), Jupiter(Amun Ra), a Jewish Messiah and a few other cultures Messiahs, plus Titus Flavius, the Roman Emperor that created Christianity.

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